Frequently asked questions

Minimum booking requirement?

Our booking minimum is 4 hours as many of our sitters travel 30 minutes or more to your location.

Is there a fee for traveling expenses?

All travelling and booking fees are now included in our price!

What if we need you for multiple days?

We do our best to accommodate our clients with the same sitter for multiple days however on occasion we may need to send different sitters depending on availability. We are currently working on multiple day bookings to make it availabe rigth through the website!

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Many of our sitters are booked weeks in advance. For a refund, we require that you cancel your booking at least 72 hours in advance. There is no refund if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment.

What happens if we go over the hours we booked?

There are two ways to handle this. You can tip your Beach Sitter accordingly or you can ask we send you a revised invoice that you can pay online!

Can we request a favorite babysitter?

Of course you can! All online bookings will be followed up with an email or phone call to confirm the date, time, and location. When we reach out to you please let us know if you have a favorite beach sitter and we will do our best to make it happen!

Is a gratuity or tip calculated in the base rate?

A gratuity is not included in our base rates. While a gratuity is not required, many of our clients leave our sitters a tip based on their outstanding performance while working for you.